Thursday, June 20, 2013

88 Colorfully Painted Pianos Played in Unison at Lincoln Center for "Sing For Hope" Pianos Finale

The 88 colorfully-painted pianos that have been in public spaces across the city over the past few weeks converged last Sunday evening for the "Sing for Hope" finale at Lincoln Center's Josie Robertson Plaza. The non-profit Sing for Hope, started by a pair of Juillard graduates and known as an "artists’ peace corps," will be donating the pianos to needy schools, healthcare facilities, and community organizations after the art installation. During the finale, there was a group performance on all 88 pianos of Bach's prelude in C in unison, producing a beautiful explosion of music at Lincoln Center. The pianos were available for anyone to play before and after the group performance.

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Anonymous said...

Brilliant idea - we all have a little music in us. Still loving those pianos! JanUK