Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Peter Woytuk's Whimsical and Captivating Sculptures on the Broadway Malls

Kiwi (72nd Street Subway Station)
The Acorn Bench (73rd Street)
Balancing Bearcat (64th Street, DantePark)
The Falling Apples (at 63rd Street, Dante Park)
The Broadway Mall Association is presenting eighteen sculptures of PETER WOYTUK for public view on the Broadway Malls from Columbus Circle to 168th Street. The Malls are a 5.5 mile-long park from the Upper West Side through Harlem to Washington Heights. Peter Woytuk is a well known American sculptor whose is known for small and grand pieces depicting an interplay of convex and concave form, space, color and shadow. Animals are a vehicle for expression, usually birds of varying sizes, colors and shapes. He also uses huge, gracefully composed animals such as bulls and elephants as subjects. Some figures are solitary, but many sculptures are compositions with fruit of vibrant colors, stone and other materials. Many of the pieces for the New York exhibition were created in China and Thailand, where he lives part of the year, and then were shipped to his studio in Connecticut. Pictured above are just some of the sculptures on public display at the Broadway malls on the Upper West Side. The sculptures will be on public view until April next year.

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