Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Jollibee in Queens, New York's First Branch of the McDonald's of the Philippines

Jollibee is a fast-food chain from the Philippines that opened its first New York branch six months ago beneath the No.7 train tracks in Woodside, Queens. Also known as the McDonald's of the Philippines, Jollibee is now the largest Filipino food company. According to food experts, Jollibee owes its success in the Philippines to the fact that it caters to local tastes, unlike McDonald's. Gene Gonzalez, a restaurateur and food consultant who runs the Manila-based Center for Asian Culinary Studies, said Jollibee adjusted its burger to taste like the meatballs that Filipinos like. "Unlike Americans, Filipinos do not like pure beef patties, which can be bland. They like their burgers to taste like meatballs, which are stronger-flavored, with flavor extenders - spices, garlic, onion, celery," he said. Jollibee is located at 62-29 Roosevelt Avenue at 63rd Street in Woodside, Queens.

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Anonymous said...

jollibee service is poor and staff needs customer relations class.nobody is perfect but blaming the mistake on the customer is wrong, saying name was called out and nobody responded so they gave out the order to other customers is a plain and simple lie
we know psychology and we are not stupid not to know what really happened.nobody is perfect but covering up your imperfections with lies is not should look into this do something before its too late