Saturday, April 4, 2009

Rehearsing for the TARTAN DAY PARADE

Earlier this afternoon I snapped photos of participants in today's TARTAN DAY PARADE during their rehearsal and assembly at 46th Street. The Tartan Day Parade celebrates Scottish culture and heritage, and the contributions of Scottish-Americans. Scottish actor ALAN CUMMING served as the Grand Marshal for the eleventh annual Tartan Day Parade. The award-winning actor, producer, director, author and activist leads a parade up Sixth Avenue of thousands of bagpipers, Scottish-American organizations, and dignitaries from around the world, as well as West Highland Terriers (Westies), Scottish Terriers (Scotties) and the World’s Largest Caber. There was a lot of plaids and kilts of course. Plaid's original definition is 'as a woollen cloth having a checkered or tartan pattern'. Tartan is a woollen cloth distinctive of Scotland, it is also woven in stripes of various colors at right angles to form a rectangular pattern; Both words were first recorded around the same time, c. 1500.

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