Sunday, April 5, 2009


Cascading cherry blossoms hanging from the ceiling at the main entrance

Pink Flamingo Topiaries and Orchid Chandelier

Bouquet of the Day: Ed Libby's Centerpiece
 Ed Libby's Centerpiece
Ed Libby's Centerpiece
Today, the MACY'S Herald Square kicks off its 35th annual Flower Show dubbed "Dream In Color." For two weeks, the main floor of the department store is transformed with vibrant colors and extravagant floral designs featuring more than 1 million bulbs and over 30,000 varieties of flowering plants and trees. The main attraction this year are three pairs of 10-feet-tall flamingo topiaries constructed from live flowers. These pink flamingo topiaries are based not on the graceful and exotic birds of Phoenicopteridae family immortalized by James Audubon, but rather on the plastic American variety that has graced the lawns and gardens of suburbia for over half a century. Also on display is the Bouquet of the Day centerpieces created by world-renowned floral/entertainment designers. In addition to the indoor garden setting, Macy’s Herald Square’s world-famous Broadway windows will feature six living gardens consisting of thousands of live flowers that portray an oversized flamingo traveling to various destinations including Mexico, Japan, New York City, Las Vegas, as well as a rainforest and a tropical setting.

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