Monday, February 19, 2007


Today is President’s Day, a national holiday honoring all the presidents of the USA. Originally, the federal holiday commemorated only George Washington’s birthday on February 22. Abraham Lincoln, another revered president, was born on February 12, which also became a legal holiday, but only in some states. To consolidate the yearly calendar of holidays, the third Monday in February each year was declared President’s Day to honor all the men who have served as president. This day has been officially observed as a federal holiday since 1971.

Earlier this afternoon, I bundled up and headed to midtown Manhattan to make photographs of the stars and stripes of the US flag at Rockefeller Plaza. I took advantage of the clear, blue sky and the windy condition, and captured the flags flying and swirling under natural lighting. At the street level, just above the skating rink, the plaza has about 200 flagpoles that fly the American flags during US federal holidays like President's Day.


jon go said...

wow cool photos! i wish we had presidents' day here! to add more holidays..hehehe

Noel Y. Calingasan said...

The Philippines should celebrate a GMA day, or better yet, an Imelda week! 50% discount on shoes in every department store.