Saturday, February 17, 2007


No, it's not my own brand of condoms. It's the new New York City condom.

From the NYC condom website:
New York City is the first city to brand its very own condom
(is this something to be proud of?) – and it’s NYC to the core.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg's administration aims at reducing the rates of sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS, and part of the strategy is the distribution of free condoms. Officials say more people will use them if they have jazzy packaging.

From the New York Times:
On Valentine’s Day last year, the health department announced that it was developing the first New York City-branded condom. That effort culminated in yesterday’s mass distribution of the condoms, timed to Valentine’s Day, which also happened to be Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s 65th birthday. The new condoms do not bear the official seal of the city, an image of a big apple or an outline of the city’s skyline. The black plastic wrapper simply says “NYC condom” on the front, with each letter in a circle, like the letters used by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority to denote subway lines. (The authority gave the city permission to use the letters, which are the intellectual property of the subway system.) Distributed by Ansell Healthcare Products of Dothan, Ala., the condoms handed out yesterday were made in Malaysia and expire in September 2011. The condoms were handed out at numerous subway stations, including Columbus Circle and Pennsylvania Station in Manhattan and Church Avenue on the Q line in Brooklyn. The condoms will be available at more than 100 night spots and retail outlets and are also available in bulk orders to clinics and community groups.

Photo above shows the new NYC product inside the "condom pocket" of a specially designed Kenneth Cole T-shirt, which I bought from the Grand Central store. Kenneth Cole helped unveil the NYC condoms on Valentine's day. The designer from New York has been promoting AIDS and HIV awareness for many years. The NYC condom. Wear it. It's the new black.


jon go said...

very cool! it is something to be proud of!

Ken said...

I would claim it as my own brand if I had your initials.

Noel Y. Calingasan said...

Jon: I guess the city govt. should be proud. To save at least one person from any STD or unwanted pregnancy is good enough reason.

Ken: Don't worry, the company that makes KY Gel might come up with their own line of IUD's. Then you can claim it as your own brand.