Tuesday, March 20, 2012

"Manhattan Oil Project" - a Kinetic Sculpture Installation by Josephine Meckseper

 Manhattan Oil Project, is an installation by Josephine Meckseper near the heart of Times Square presented by the Art Production Fund. The German-born artist showcases two new monumental simulated oil pump jacks, each standing 25 feet tall, bobbing up and down at the Last Lot project space at the southeast corner of 46th Street and 8th Avenue. The artist explains: “The sculptures are about where we are now. They are an image of the tenuous moment that we find ourselves in as a nation and human kind as our dependency on oil becomes the focal point of politics and people’s personal sphere.” By introducing pump jacks, a familiar symbol of American oil-producing towns, into a context more typically defined by eye-popping electronic billboards and dazzling lights, “I wanted to show the consequences, or the flip side, of what we actually have to do to provide all of that energy,” the artist added. The installation will be on display until May 6th. The still images and video were taken with an iPhone 4 on March 19, 2012.

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