Sunday, March 25, 2012

"BRAZIL - Gardens in Paradise" 2012 Macy's Flower Show Opens

This year's Macy's flower show is being held in a block-long tent across the street from the flagship store in Herald Square. Taking on "Brazil - Gardens in Paradise" theme, the tent's 5,000 square-foot space is converted into a rainforest, with rooftop gardens, fountains and town settings. Unlike previous years when the show was held inside the store, the tent space provided an opportunity to build a huge environment, to build a mini-Hollywood set, to light the theme theatrically, to do music, and water. The display includes a winding path through the rainforest which includes several birds of paradise trees and a huge bird made of flowers. Events planner Jes Gordon will be creating one of the Bouquet of the Day installations in the store windows along 34th Street next week.

The flower show which is free opened this morning at 10 AM. Visitors can catch the 38th annual Macy's Flower Show on Broadway Plaza across the street from Macy's Herald Square through April 7 from 10 AM to 9 PM.

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