Sunday, July 24, 2011

First Day of Marriage Equality in New York: Manhattan Gay Weddings Photo Album

Long line of gay couples waiting outside the Office of the City Clerk 
City Council Speaker Christine Quinn
The cast of Avenue Q, the Tony Award winning musical showing their support
Press Conference
Family and friends of newlyweds

Today, 484 gay and lesbian couples made history by legally exchanging vows for the first time in the state of New York. In Manhattan, the couples patiently lined up first thing in the morning at the Lower Manhattan City Clerk Office to get married. The atmosphere was very festive and joyous. New York legalized same-sex marriage in June. The Marriage Equality Act was a priority for Gov. Andrew Cuomo after winning election in November. The law was passed under a Republican-led Senate after days of delays and negotiations between the two parties.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo praised the legislators who voted for marriage equality, and called this a proud day to be a New Yorker: "This is a statement that we should all feel good about. New York has always been about equality and bringing people in. New York has always been about acceptance...This state has always been at the progressive lead in making statements of equality, that this is a land of opportunity. This is a land of equality," he said today.

For portraits of some newlyweds, click here (from the New York Times).

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