Saturday, July 2, 2011

Asians Are New York City's Fastest Growing Minority

According to the New York Times,  data from the April Census figures reveal that Asians in New York City now comprise 13% of the city's population, a 32% increase since 2000. "The Hispanic population grew only 8 percent during that time, while the ranks of non-Hispanic whites declined 3 percent and blacks declined 5 percent." Asian advocates claim however that, even though Asians are now 13% of the city's population, they get shafted on social services. For example, a community organizer laments that the City Council only provides 1.4% of its discreationary budget to social services for Asians and "less than a quarter of one percent of the money for city social-service contracts." The problem also lies in politicians' assumption that Asians are the "model minority" because of the perception that they are over-achievers.

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