Friday, June 5, 2009

The Naked Cowboy Officiates Wedding

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Robert John Burck (born December 23, 1970 in Cincinnati, Ohio), also known as the Naked Cowboy, is an American busker whose patch is on New York City's Times Square. He wears only cowboy boots, a hat, and briefs, with a guitar strategically placed to give the illusion of nudity. On November 22, 2008, he became an ordained minister, and on December 10, 2008 he was officially registered as a marriage officiant by the City of New York. On May 30, the Naked Cowboy officiated a wedding in Times Square and above are some photos from the "ceremony." You can get married by the Reverend Naked Cowboy in Times Square, too (for as low as $499)! Visit or call 866-99-NAKED to book your weddings.

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