Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Glowing Ruby-Red Stairs of TKTS

The new TKTS booth proper in Times Square is topped by a sweeping cascade of 27 ruby-red structural glass steps, rising to a height of 16 feet 1 inch above the 47th Street sidewalk. On these glowing stairs, hundreds of visitors (as many as 1,500 if they squeeze in tight) can congregate every day until 1 a.m. to have a great view of the Great White Way. The TKTS booth uses over 2,800 linear feet of red Plexineon LED lighting fixtures to make the steps, and therefore the stadium, come to life through a dramatic radiance of red lighting. This project shows lighting designers, architects and engineers the performance, durability, and ease of use that iLight’s LED lighting systems offer. “iLight’s products are creative lighting tools which allow designers to bring out the best in their designs,” says iLight’s President & CEO, Sean Callahan. “The TKTS booth illustrates how designers can enhance the impact of project through powerful lighting effects using our products.” iLight’s products use LEDs as their light source which offer reduced energy and maintenance costs and longer lifetimes than conventional lighting. The structure has 27 red steps that rest on an assembly made entirely out of glass and rise over a fiberglass shell housed underneath the steps. (Information from iLight)

Three TKTS Discount Booths operate in New York City
1. The Times Square Booth sells day-of-performance tickets only.
2. The South Street Seaport Booth sells tickets to evening performances on the day of the performance, and matinee tickets the day before.
3. The Downtown Brooklyn Booth sells tickets to evening performances on the day of the performance, and matinee tickets the day before as well tickets to Brooklyn performing arts events.

TKTS in Times Square is located at 47th and Broadway.
For evening performances:
Monday - Saturday: 3pm - 8pm
Sundays: 3pm until one-half hour before the latest curtain time being sold.
For matinee performances: Wednesdays and Saturdays: 10am - 2pm Please note: no evening tickets are sold from 10am to 2 pm at Times Square.
Sundays: 11am - 3pm

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