Sunday, December 1, 2013

"9" Sculpture on the Sidewalk

The giant red sculpture of the digit 9 is a prominent Manhattan landmark in front of the office tower located at 9 West 57th Street in midtown Manhattan. This famous New York sculpture was designed by graphic artist Ivan Chermayeff. The sculpture sits on the sidewalk on city property and marks the building's main entrance. The sculpture is fabricated out of half-inch steel plate weighing three tons. During the holiday season, the sidewalk where 9 sits becomes more festive because of all the lights and giant candy cane decorations on the office tower.

2 comments: said...

the decorations compliment the number 9 sculpture quite nicely making it more noticeable.

Tracy R said...

The NYC sculpture seems to look real amazing with the exotic lights and the prettiest streets being decorated with the seasons theme. It seems to be real fascinating to spend these time of the year in winter.
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