Sunday, April 21, 2013

Project Dance: All-Day Outdoor Dance Concert

An all-day outdoor dance concert took place yesterday in Times Square as part of PROJECT DANCE events this year. Project Dance is a volunteer organization whose mission is to bring hope and healing to culture through the universal language of dance. Since the foundation’s inception in 1996 and its incorporation in 2003, it has become a volunteer organization that serves more than 1000 dancers worldwide. Jazz, modern, ballet, tap, hip-hop, acrobatics, lyrical, ballroom, and swing were all part of yesterday's concert stage as in past years. Every style was celebrated in keeping with the foundation's belief that dance has the power to change lives. 

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Anonymous said...

See like it's coming to London in July too - shame I can't see it Noel. Looks good. Nice blog they've got too. I'm learning so much from your blog! Thanks! JanUK