Saturday, December 5, 2009

Bergdorf Goodman Christmas Holiday Window Display 2009: A COMPENDIUM OF CURIOSITIES

Reflected Serenades and Meticulous Metronomes. Every surface is mirrored, including ceiling and floor. Mirrored lion and unicorn stand guard.

Potions Imbibed and Perspective Rearranged. A myriad of miniature staircases form a mind-bending backdrop. The girl reappears several times, miniaturized to fit each room.

Improbable Lodgings and Feline Mischief. A miniature Victorian mansion, complete with white rabbit tenant. A Cheshire cat observes from the wings.

Afternoon Amusements and Sovereign Gambits. A bird's-eyeview of a tea party in progress, with Bridge, Chess and Backgammon providing diversion for a quartet of Royals.

Illogical Lexicons and Convivial Characters. This window is made entirely of paper, including the architectural trimmings and furniture.

This year's BERGDORF GOODMAN holiday window display is entitled A COMPENDIUM OF CURIOSITIES. It features a wild cast of characters, tinged with op-art and references to M.C. Escher, paradoxical points of view, vintage Victoriana, laced with Lewis Carroll "Alice" books. (information from the BG website).

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