Saturday, March 22, 2008


Spring has sprung, and one of New York's most iconic stores, MACY'S Herald Square on Broadway, is again hosting its annual flower show, turning over part of its store to incredible floral displays. Using over a million flowers from all over the world, horticulturists create wonderful floral displays inside the store. I took photos of the window displays featuring mannequins of KATE MOSS, IMAN and TWIGGY in gorgeous floral costumes. The show runs from March 16-30. 

Information from the store's website:
Located just inside Macy's Broadway entrance, don't miss the centerpiece of this year's show – a breathtaking, highly detailed reproduction of Macy's historic Herald Square building, assembled entirely from organic plant materials by the renowned artist Paul Busse.
We're also proud to present Bouquet of the Day, a series of six dramatic bouquets by New York's most sought after floral designers. See schedule & details
Spring Garden
Features a vibrant array of tulips, daffodils, primroses and flowering trees and shrubs. Be sure to check out our newest addition to the show, Rhododendron trees.
Conservatory Garden
Showcases whimsical plant topiaries and exotic and tropical plants, including citrus, coffee and cacao trees.
Royal Purple Garden
Shows off plants in the purple and lavender color palette, including rare Chinese Redbuds, a flowering shrub with hundreds of magnificent purple flowers along the branches of the plant.
Cherry Hill Garden
Features a breathtaking variety of trees from the Cherry, or Prunus, family, including tall Kwansan and contorted Okame cherry trees and flowering almond shrubs.
Spanish Garden
Reflects the look and feel of a luxurious garden in Spain. Stroll through fountains, grape vines, blooming Spanish Bluebells and citrus and Monkey Puzzle trees.

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