Friday, November 23, 2007


SAKS FIFTH AVENUE recently premiered its new holiday LED Snowflake Light Show at its flagship Fifth Avenue store, together with the unveiling of the legendary holiday windows. On this Black Friday, I made some images of the Philips Electronic LED snowflake lights which are composed of 72,000 lights and 50 unique snowflakes reaching 10 stories high of the storefront.

Facts about the LED snowflakes lights according to

-- 50 fully programmable, unique snowflakes reaching ten stories high
(36-8'-0"; 14-20'-0") inspired by William "Snowflake" Bentley's
snowflake photos from the 1920's.
-- The project required 40,440 LED modules, strung at a length of
13,480 ft., or 2.55 miles, to cover 36 eight- foot diameter and 14
twenty-foot diameter snowflakes.

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led par 38 said...

WOW! how great it is, i really like it, so beautiful... Thanks for sharing this... GOD BLESS!!!!!!