Saturday, April 7, 2007


Earlier this afternoon, I made a quick visit to Macy’s at Herald Square to check out the ANNUAL FLOWER SHOW. Both the ground floor display windows that form the perimeter of the building and the entire first floor are decorated with thousands of flowers. The window displays are most wonderful and creative. I took photos of the window displays including the bird of paradise in brilliant colors adorning a mannequin as shown above. For 33 years, Macy's Herald Square has been home to one of the country's premier flower shows, featuring the world's most exotic blooms. The two-week event features more than a million flowers consisting of over 30,000 species of colorful flowers, plants and trees from six different continents.

Inside the store are displays featuring:

The African Garden is a blend of unique flowers and plants such as acacia and gerbera. The garden will also feature the giant giraffe and zebra topiaries in the Main Aisle.

The Black & White Garden showcases roses, tulips and daffodils that are shades of dark purples, deep reds and whites, the garden radiates a simplistic beauty. The Ramble Garden was inspired by plants and trees from New York's Central Park.

The Jardinière Garden displays an array of exotic pottery that is accented with stunning potted flowers. Each pot has a beautiful mini-planted bed of flowers including peonies, freesias, gardenias and snapdragons.

The Community Garden features a magnificent collection of gorgeous flowers including hydrangeas, azaleas and tulips.


Karl said...

for window shots maybe try using a pl filter to take out the glare

NYC said...

thanks for the tip

Streams of Consciousness said...

Birds of Paradise....lovely! One of my favs. :-)